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I was impressed by the decoration of this cafe when I first learned about its existence, a glass structure in a small leafy garden in a small lane off the concrete jungle in Bangkok.  Just the decor, I wanna try this cafe out.The cafe is behind the DIY workshop (MHOE Co Workshop Space) that you can rent on an hourly basis.  You see the powerline hanging low in front of the shop and, to me, the powerline is the skyline of Bangkok that I won’t miss them at all.Apart from the glass structure that houses the cafe, there’s an outdoor seating that some might prefer.Let start with Cappuccino.  Right away, the dark roasty tone popped up even in milk drink.This Cappuccino looked like a newer version that came in with a smaller cup size like 4oz or less which meant you were likely to get more coffee/less milk in this cup which is not what I like.With too much coffee/not enough milk, there was a distinct sourness in the cup that was akin to unsweetened yogurt.  The sourness interfered any other tasting note that could be there, be it the milk sweetness, milk textures or even the coffee itself.  This was not what I call delicious cup of coffee but it was bearable.In espresso form, the dark roast was very clear on the nose.  The espresso had a bitter sweet flavor with a bitter grapefruit tone. It was pull on the tight side and this made matter worse.  The dark roast coffee base, comprising Kenya, Ethiopia, Honduras and Thai, was roasted by Bangkok based Nana Coffee Roaster, supposedly one of the famous roasters in town.  Lots of bean seemed to be used in this blend more for consistency from season to season than for complexity in the cup so don’t expect too much from this dark roast coffee that is usually used for milk drink.There’s the other espresso blend of Rwanda and Thai called SA-TI blend, roasted by Happy Espresso, another famous roaster in Bangkok.  While this was a dark roast espresso blend, the coffee was better in that it was pleasantly cleaner with some sort of astringent grapefruit tone and bitter chocolate.The weak point of this coffee was some hint of roasty and darkish tone that lasted in your mouth hours on end in the aftertaste, known as ‘dirty back’ among my circle, which is a negative attribute in my opinion.  Luckily, this is only a hint but it’s there to be found.SATI only offered Thai coffee for its drip offering on that day so I tried Black Honeyed Doi Saket, Chiang Mai coffee roasted by Roast Runner, a new Thai roaster for me.As with most Thai coffee I had, I get a hint of bark tone at the very far end of the coffee that I don’t really like.  The roast felt light even the color of the brewed coffee didn’t look that light.Nevertheless, the light roast showed the taste of honey process well but the green was not complex enough to benefit from this kind of light roast profile.The processing flavor now seems to be the “IT” thing for Thai coffee farm as they try to diversify their green offering, from my observation. Brewise, while the brew skill of all coffees was not at the tip top level, it’s good enough to let the coffee shine and this barista has a potential to improve with more exposure to coffee outside SATI, in my opinion.In all, this is a nice place to visit on decor; the coffee is merely okay ie I wouldn’t flag it as bad but there’s nothing impressive at this place.If you are in the area, why not.  Enjoy the ambience and keep expectation in check on coffee and you’ll be fine. continue reading
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