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Level3 2018-11-01
This Café Amazon belongs to a government owned energy company, Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT). As such, initially, Café Amazon are mostly in PTT’s gas station in an attempt to get more dollar out of travelers. Later, Café Amazon expands outside the gas station and uses a franchising business model to expand nationwide; you can now find Café Amazon anywhere in a gas station, as a standalone and in the shopping mall. Café Amazon is now the largest coffee chain by branches in Thailand.The coffee Café Amazon served is more of an “entry” level, thinking of coffee one can get at 7-Eleven but several notches above.  Café Amazon doesn’t use Super Auto espresso machine but employs Semi Auto, at least at this branch; as such it needs a person behind the bar to grind and tamp to make a cup of coffee.As Café Amazon focuses on an entry level coffee, it’s my understanding that they serve mostly iced coffee drink with espresso as its coffee base; cold drink is much more popular than hot drink in Thailand, FYI.  Nevertheless, what I tried here was espresso which I consider pushing the limit of this barista and this particular branch.The resulting espresso had thick crema. It was quite bitter for my first sip. However, I got some sort of bitter sweet tone with latter sips. In addition to crema, the body is quite thick and full. Practically, this cup has no discernible amount of acidity and the coffee is roasted quite dark.  All these tasting notes pointed to a high portion of Robusta in the cup.Still, I’m very impressed with the coffee as there is no negative Robusta tone such as human sweat and the coffee is surprisingly drinkable and not that harsh. The finish is quite clean for Robusta and even cleaner than some third wave stores I have had in the past so much so I think I can finish this cup of coffee if it’s not that late that night. Considering the very high volume this cafe serves, this is an impressive cup of coffee indeed.I would say Starbucks espresso tastes better than this coffee but Starbucks uses 100% Arabica bean so that’s Starbucks’ advantage.  Still for Bt35 in a land where green bean import tax is 90% and Thailand is a net importer of green coffee bean, Café Amazon’s coffee is actually bearable and in a pinch not bad at all. If you really need coffee, Café Amazon is a very convenient place to get one.Café Amazon has a reasonable service and the seating is quite comfortable so this is actually not bad. Of note is that all people around me, be it coffee people or general public, warns me that Café Amazon is not consistent across all branches i.e. you might not get a good cup of coffee like what I get. So my comment only pertains to this particular branch. continue reading
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