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Sutdrip is the only cafe I can really recommend for a good pour over coffee in Bangkok.Sutdrip was not in my list of café crawl in Bangkok as I haven’t heard about this café before until I was really down there in Bangkok. In addition, by the time I come around to write about Sutdrip in English, Sutdrip probably moves to its new location specifically for its coffee operation.  Still, Sutdrip is a totally great surprise for me after I made the visit and realized how good the drip coffee here is, not only just good but the best in this trip and could probably be the best in Thailand. Believe it or not, I was later learned that not many look up to this Thailand National Brewer Cup champion for the year 2016 on its drip coffee; local coffee people are more likely to suggest customers to go to Gallery Drip Coffee (GDC) for pour over in Bangkok. This makes me feel like thick clouds are all over Bangkok café on drip coffee; I can only wonder how come those who visited GDC and Sutdrip did not get the signal each cup of coffee at each café sent out.  The setting for drip at Sutdrip looks rather simple but it should be more than sufficient to deliver a great cup of coffee. For the grinder, Sutdrip does not succumb to the EK43 which seems to spread like wild fire among pour over cafés in this region but, instead, chooses Ditting KR805 for its grinder.  On the first blush, what can be improved here is its coffee menu which is devoid of any tasting note, roaster and any detail on coffee. Instead, the owner prefers its customer to ask to their heart’s desire on those missing information as barista seems to believe that she is likely to come up with the coffee that can satisfy its customer. I did ask for information and I feel that it is quite frustrating both the barista and me to go through each and every coffee to be able to come up with the coffee one wants.  It took me a while to make up my mind about the coffee as if I choose my coffee blind from unfamiliar roasters and a dearth of detail/information provided. Luckily, the shop carries some Singapore roasters that I’m familiar with which are Common Man Coffee Roaster and Nylon Coffee roaster. Obviously, it is a no-brainer that Nylon is a preferred choice to most coffee from Singapore due to my familiarity with this Singapore roaster over the years. Nylon’s Colombia La Pradera has a nice peach upfront. The sweetness in the aftertaste lingers back in my mouth for so long which is amazing. The coffee has some caramel tone to round things up nicely. This is the first drip coffee in this trip that is so easy to get all the tasting notes, implying a good roaster and an excellent brew skill.  The problem is that the brew, which is excellent for the front and the back of the coffee, feels quite hollow in the middle, like something is missing or like a sink hole in front of you. Furthermore, the cooler the coffee is, the dirtier it is. While some could say this is attributable to the coffee itself ie this is Nylon’s espresso roast, not a drip roast, to me, it’s more of mix issues of both roasters and brewers, IMHO. Suffice to say that this is not a perfect cup, this coffee is the best drip I had on this trip and the second best drip during this trip doesn't come even close. The beautiful and crisp front and and the lasting back is amazing at this cafe and, to me, it’s a major claim to fame, making it worth while to just drop by Sutdrip.  Had the middle part not gone missing, this coffee would be one of the good drip coffee that stands tall among good drippers that I have had.  Sutdrip is good enough to the point that if you only have time for just one café in Bangkok for a drip coffee, Sutdrip is the place I can recommend you to try. For those who are based in Thailand, you don’t really need to take your trip somewhere else for good pour over, Sutdrip’s cup can rival those good cup of coffee elsewhere, from my experience. continue reading
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