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I’ve got special dietary requirements that make me seem rather picky with food. But I’m very healthy and happy 😆. So here I am sharing my food experiences whilst treating this as my online food diary📔 , since I’ve got a ton of food photos anyway. I thought why not share with you all and write reviews for the greater good :)
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A hidden local gem  Smile  2019-10-20
this hidden place is rather difficult to find, luckily our friend was a local so we were able to locate it starnot sure what this was but it was crunchy and apparently a traditional Thai appetisercrythis refreshing eggplant 🍆 was amazi...

this tiny beer was super cutemadthis colourful beetroot mackrel was not only pretty it was delish too kisscan’t really remember what this was but it’s cute and a bit like the dish from roganic excitedalso can’t remember what this was but it’...

A walk-in dinner  Smile  2019-02-16
nice way to see the menu!lovethe green chicken curry was slightly spicy for me personally but my friend liked it. this crab curry was my favourite was sooo delicious!!smileheartsmileheartsmileheartthe original minced chicken salad was way too spicy for me reallybut ...
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