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My Gourmet Diary
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Flying gourmet. Always make room for coffee and dessert!
รีวิวล่าสุด [ รีวิวทั้งหมด ]
This house turned restaurant is decorated in a traditional Japanese style garden surrounded with bamboo and stone ground. It is Bangkok branch of a reputable restaurant in Tokyo. The wood dominated main dining room is spacious and ele...

This airy restaurant on second floor is very spacious and serves authentic Hong Kong stables. We tasted cha-shu pork, a bit on the dry side and small portioned, but they said no artificial food coloring. The stewed beef and tendon wi...

A Classic Coffee Spot  ยิ้ม  2016-11-01
Pacamara is a brand began in Bangkok, distributing own brand of coffee beans and supplies for a long time. They also have coffee shops in Chiangmai before opening in Bangkok. This caffeine-induced spot sells coffee beans by weigh a...
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