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This is my second visit at this branch for the now large chain of “indy” coffee shop over the past two years.  Nevertheless, I don’t recognize any barista here at all and the all women team this time is in contrast with the all men team from my last visit.  It’s as if this is a brand new cafe with all new barista, at least to me.Let start with espresso of house blend, comprising all Thai coffees.  This coffee has an indescribable acidity with some form of savory tone.  The pull was on a tight side but the cup remains drinkable and better than what I had here two years ago as it’s not as extremely tight, a profile that shared by lots of Thai cafe I suffered from at the time.  I would say this is not a delicious cup of coffee but bearable if you really need to have some coffee.I opted for the pour over of the famous Thai coffee farm, Sopa Estate (S-40) with a tasting note of bright acidity, vanilla and clean aftertaste.  What I get mostly is tree bark tone which seems to be quite a common for all Thai coffee I have had so far.  There is a very distant and fainted vanilla tone, if at all, at best.  The aftertaste is clean as said but that distracting bark tone continues to haunt me, making the overall coffee not quite comfortable to drink.Barista Fang, a trainer of barista at Casa Lapin group, did a decent job in hand dripping coffee.  Mind you this is neither the best drip in town nor the undrinkable cup.  It’s sort of middle of the road style that I can’t complain but am not impressed.    Also, this style makes sense as Casa Lapin’s benchmark, allowing Casa Lapin to standardize the brew quality among various branches, the issue that is sorely needed to be solved at Casa Lapin, in my humble opinion, after drinking up and downs cups at three Casa Lapin branches on this trip.The decor and ambience at this place remains exactly the same as two years ago so if you fall in love with the place, you’re in luck to come back to what you like for your next visit. continue reading
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