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Coffeas is owned by a Thai Q-grader and a SCAA Lead Instructor so you know how serious they are on coffee.  You can see coffee courses on offer here by well known coffee instructors from local and aboard.The shop is well decorated with Thai elements while the owner provides no WiFi to encourage conversation. I was the only customer on the day I visit and did strike some conversation with both barista and more with the owner of the shop on coffee to the same degree that I had with shops with WiFi, thus I can’t ascertain this no WiFi policy at Coffeas.My first coffee here is Cappuccino of single origin Thai coffee from Chiang Rai as the owner of Coffeas is a staunch supporter of Thai coffee and this is one of the good places to check Thai coffee out.  What I get is caramel at my first sip, following by milk sweetness which is good.  There is some note of black tea leaf and something not quite clean that I don’t like.  Later I get some sort of tree bark tone which seems to be quite common with Thai coffee from my experience.My espresso of the same coffee was pulled on a tight side and felt somewhat harsh with some sort of bark aftertaste.  The coffee turns a tad salty when cold and the saltiness is much clearer when one added water to the espresso so drink hot.  This coffee is not bad considering my experience with Thai coffee in the past.  Also, the coffee could be good for those who can overlook this bark tone.The drip brew of Colombia Cauca was via Melitta and Fuji Royal grinder.  The cup was on a tight side and a tad dry at the back that is not comfortable to drink.  The tasting note didn’t spread out well and I couldn’t make much of it out.  When the coffee is cold, it’s somewhat dirty so better drink it hot.I was told the brew ratio is 1:10 and from drinking I suspect the temperature to be quite low like in the 80s degree Celsius.  The coffee is not bright enough, kinda blurry tasting profile for me.  This taste profile is likely the result of the combination of the updosing, low temp brewing and a taste of Fuji Royal grinder which is not as clear and there there like Mahlkoenig EK43 but this could suit some well.  The Melitta cone also delivers more body than Hario V60 cone, further muting the coffee, in my humble opinion.Contrary to my initial belief, the dirtiness of this Colombia might not be the issue with the roaster or brewer herself but the bean as I later had quite a dirty Colombia at another cafe and some barista told me about their disappointment on Colombia this year in general.  I didn’t drink lots of coffee lately so I need to take their words and give the benefit of the doubt to Coffeas’ on roasting and brewing as the issue of the drip could be with the green.Somehow, the brewing style reminds me of the time I started to get serious on coffee more than a decade ago.  At the time, the low temp and updose brew was meant to get the best part of the coffee out while weeds out the part that tastes bad.  These days, the coffee and the roasting have come a long way so the focus shifting to get as much taste out of the coffee as possible so the cup feels completed from front to back than in the past.  Thus the coffee dose comes down and the brew temp goes up to match the quality of the green and the roast these days. continue reading
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