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This is my second time at Sutdrips/Some Time Blue in Bangkok and the coffee I had is the best cup of coffee for this Bangkok trip, bar none.Furthermore, it’s another barista who did the brew, not the owner, Barista Sutida, who is Thailand’s first Brewers Cup Champion, the reason to pay a visit here in the first place.  This is an achievement and proves the mettle of the owner and her ability to not only brew good coffee but maintain the quality of the shop and train her staff to keep up with the high standard of the shop people come to expect from Some Time Blue anytime.  That’s really another level of achievement vs. just run the shop and do everything on her own to come to good coffee.Coffee I get from Barista Chompunooch, a staff who brewed for me on that day, is excellent and it’s about 80-90 % of the cup quality that I had from the owner herself.  One sip and I was blown away and knew my recommendation for this cafe as a destination cafe in Thailand is maintained.  Even better, I don’t need to specify barista for your great cup of coffee at this cafe.  You can have coffee from any barista there and expect a good cup of coffee, very close to what you get from the champ herself.Barista Chompunooch delivered a delicious cup of coffee with a nice spread of taste from front to back and solves the issue of the missing ‘middle’ part of the cup that I had in the past from the champ herself.  I get a nice stone fruit tone permeates throughout the cup with the sweetness as its undertone in a clean and clear cup.  I’m still salivating while typing this out.  Nitpicking for this particular cup is that it is not as crisp and clean vs. what I had and loved two years ago from the champ herself.  Also, the cup is not tasty enough as if something is holding back on all the taste.  But really it’s nitpicking.  A cure for bad traffic and bad coffees during this trip, you bet.  This coffee rekindles my love of coffee from this Central American country.  I haven’t had a good washed coffee from Costa Rica for quite some time as coffee from this country seems to go big on honey process that I don’t really like.To me, coffee at Some Time Blue should be the highlight of your cafe crawl in Bangkok.  I call Some Time Blue a destination cafe coffee lovers should pay a visit if they are in Bangkok, no excuse.  Highly recommended! continue reading
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