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Sai Aua Kanomjeen Kaosoi Fried Rice with Seafood
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It’s my second time to Chiang Mai this year (2019), because the city is that good for a short and relaxing holiday! 🤩 We’ve returned to our favourite local restaurant in Maya, a shopping mall which we spent a lot of time (although waiting time for the food is of the usual thai-pace, which can be slightly longer, so make sure you are not super rushed for the next destination when you go) ❤️❤️❤️We’ve been having local thai food almost every meal, and even so, our group of friends vote this restaurant as our favourite in Maya. The taste is really excellent, most importantly, it is really cheap in price!! We order a table full of appetisers, fresh young coconut, stir fries and appetisers, it ONLY cost around HK60-80.... it’s at least 1/4 of the price of what it would cost you in Hong Kong.THE best tom yum with lots and lots of shrimps to share! The tanginess is made to perfection, herbs and spices very aromatic and rich in flavour! Our favourite!This “Northern Thailand Appetiser” serves the specialties of northern Thai cuisine, such as the crispy pork skin (which was so well made - crispy and not oily) and meat sausages in the jalapeño sauce, which is made of mashed up cooked chillies, we re-ordered this time round too!Aww.. I’m holding back my saliva even just thinking about these original no fuss deep fried chicken wings. They are thoroughly marinated, so the taste is really good..although I cannot exactly tell whether it was just marinated in shrimp paste. It is super juicy, and somehow this dish just came to our top list as our re-order item 🤩Stir fried flat noodle in soy sauce - a staple in thai cuisine, flavourful and has the “wok hei” (鑊氣) , as we asians describe when a dish has a smokey/ steamy-ness when a dish is well stir fried! Once again, this morning glory stir fry, a staple in Thai cuisine, was very aromatic as it was stir fried in salty shrimp paste, which is a strong savoury paste that offers a very strong flavour to elevate any ingredients.Excellent slightly crunchy texture of the sprouts and mushrooms, stir fried with some soy sauce, flavour was very mild, light yet tasty.I’m looking forward to coming back in my next holiday! continue reading
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