Mango Yogurt Cheese Pie มะม่วงโยเกิร์ตชีสพาย

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Mango Yogurt Cheese Pie
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This is a recipe from Palm Cuisine, a Thai cuisine restaurant at Thonglor. Mango is a Thai most famous summer fruit. So let's follow this easy recipe and enjoy your own mango yogurt cheese pie for a hot summer afternoon.
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Ingredient and Portion
Crust ingredients
1. Cracker 2 packs
2. Salted butter 100 gram
3. Supar 1 tbsp.

Cream cheese ingredients
1. Cream cheese 250 gram
2. Mascarpone cheese 50 gram
3. Yogurt 1 bottle
4. Sugar 50 gram
5. Butter milk 25 gram
6. Half lemon for juice
7. Lemon skin
8. Ripe Barracuda mango
1. Grind crackers well. Add sugar and mix well.
2. Melt salted butter and add into crushed crackers. Mix well. Put the mixture into mold and press firmly.
3. Bring the crust into the oven. Bake at 185 C for 12-15 mins.
4. Bring the crust out of the oven. Let the crust cool for several minutes and chill it in the refrigerator.
5. Put cream cheese and mascarpone cheese at room temperature into a bowl. Use electric mixture to stir well. Add sugar. Stir until the mixture leaven.
6. Add butter milk, yogurt lemon skin and lemon juice into the mixture bowl. Mix well.
7. Pour cream cheese mixture into the crust mold. Chill for a night for the mixture to set firm (If you like, you can add mango pieces between cream cheese layers)
8. Decorate the cheese cake with half mango on top before serving.
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