About OpenRice
What is OpenRice?
OpenRice is Asia's premier dining guide, we have the most comprehensive and complete database of restaurants as well as the most credible and most valuable of reviews. Our aim is to provide a platform for the food lover to share their dining experience. And that made us the representative of Asia public taste reference index!
What do OpenRice do for my restaurant?
First, Our database allows visitors find your restaurant information easily. By showing your restaurant contact information, it will help to save your general query processing time. Meanwhile, OpenRice gourmet sharing also let you know more about customer's tastes, opinions and needs. We recommend restaurant owners and staff check reviews regularly so you will be able to improve the quality of restaurant service.
Restaurant Information
Why OpenRice have my restaurant information?
Since OpenRice is a dining media which provide most comprehensive and updated restaurant information to public. Therefore, we collect many basic restaurant information. Yours sure will be one of them.
We will post basic information only to allow visitors to obtain your basic information easily. It also is a way to promote your restaurant!
Our restaurant is not on OpenRice yet, what do we do?
Cannot search your restaurant information on OpenRice?
You can click 'Add a new restaurant' at the bottom of our website, then choose 'New Restaurant'. Fill in your restaurant information as detailed as youcan. We will review all new listings before they are added to our database and it may take 2-3 working days.
We see our restaurant on the listing, how do we edit the restaurant information?

Go to your restaurant page and click 'Update Restaurant Info' under your restaurant profile picture and select related category to edit:
  1. Change Restaurant Status
    You may choose 'Restaurant Closed', 'Under Renovation', 'Restaurant Re-Opened'
  2. Provide Restaurant Photo
    Select 'Provide New Photo' and you can upload your restaurant photo accordingly. *If you would like to upload your restaurant profile photo, please select 'outside' under file type.
  3. Submit Delivery Note
    You can submit your restaurant delivery note to us too.
  4. Update Restaurant Information
    To add more details for your restaurant: signature dish, business hours, parking information, reservation and payment methods etc. so users know better about your restaurant and your services
How to add extra information such as menu and special offer under our restaurant page?
OpenRice provides a wide range of promotion service which will be tailor-made to your requirements. For more information and idea, please get in touch with our OpenRice Sales representatives.
OpenRice Sales Department︰Hotline: +62 21 2964 2199, Email:Sales@openrice.co.id
How to hide the restaurant listing on OpenRice?
Since restaurant basic information such as restaurant name, address and telephone number are in the public domain, so OpenRice has the right to present the information. This will also help users to understand your restaurant better and easier. If your restaurant is private or is for members only, please contact us.
The map on my restaurant page does not show, why?
The most common reason will be incorrect or incomplete address. To show your restaurant on map correctly, please send us the full restaurant address that includes the full street name and number, building name and floor or flat number.Your help is greatly appreciated.
Restaurant Review
Why do customers rate our restaurant?
OpenRice is an online community where users share their opinion and exchange information. People leave comments for your restaurant, regardless it is positive or negative, means they are paying attention to your restaurant.
In other words, their reviews and comments reflect their taste and opinion. We suggest checking regularly and knowing your customers demand could help improving your restaurant in many ways.
Our restaurant received many positive reviews, what do we do?
You are welcomed to use your high number of smiley face as promotional items at your restaurant. It can be taken as a reference for employees in order to maintain the high standard. You can leave comment to reviews and thank customers for coming to show how much they are valued too!
Our restaurant received many negative reviews, what do we do?
Restaurant review is a simple and direct way for customers to tell how they feel. OpenRice suggests you should not take particular negative review too serious since each individual has unique taste and need. It is natural and understandable to be less than perfect once in a while.
OpenRice does NOT recommend you to write false review for your restaurant. Our OpenRice members can tell the reliability of a review with their experience. It is absolutely fine to be rated negative every now and then. However, if a false review has been found, it does not only affect your restaurant's reputation, it will also lead to a customer loss. OpenRice does not normally remove reviews that have already been published. A review will only be removed if it is found inappropriate.
Why were some reviews removed? Or why the number of reviews dropped?
For quality propose, OpenRice reivews all comments and restaurant reviews before they go public. Visitors will be able to report any unsuitable review. OpenRice will then investigate and remove the review if it is inappropriate.
How do we respond to our valued customers?
You can simply click 'Leave a comment' below any restaurant review.
OpenRice suggests you should treat all positive and negative comments the same way. You may leave a thank you note to positive comments. To negative comments, you may say how you would follow up.
Please be noted OpenRice will NOT pass any members' information to third party.
How does a restaurant go on the 'Restaurant Ranking' table?
The rankings are based on the positive and negative comments in the past 30 days, and then further adjusted by recency, user seniority and other review quality factors. It is calculated by our system. So any restaurant with high quality consistency will be able to be on the table.
Restaurant Promotion
How do we let more people know about us and our restaurant?
The simplest and direct way is to update your restaurant information on our database, upload profile picture, put up more photos of your food and interior.
OpenRice also provides a wide range of other promotion service. Feel free to talk to our OpenRice sales representatives

OpenRice Sales Department
Hotline: +62 21 2964 2199
About OpenRice
What is OpenRice?
OpenRice is Asia's premier dining guide, we have the most comprehensive and complete database of restaurants as well as the most credible and most valuable of review. Our aim is to provide a platform for food lover to share their dining experience which made us the representative of Asia public taste reference index!
Why should I join OpenRice?
Eating and drinking is undoubted one of the most important part of life. OpenRice believes everyone has a unique taste, and we all have different standard and requirement of food. As an online community for food-lovers, we think it is a good idea for people to exchange insights and experience. To be an OpenRice member, you can enjoy for free a number of privileges:

  1. Restaurant reviews will be prioritised, always be the first to post a review;
  2. A personalised page of your own, where you share your experience with other users;
  3. 'My favourite restaurant' to bookmark particular restaurant pages for you to view at a later time;
  4. The privilege to join OpenRice activities such as, tasting class, wine tasting event, members gathering, cooking competitions, etc.;
  5. Monthly eNews for all the latest trends and offers and OpenRice's updates.
How do I join OpenRice?
OpenRice believe every person has unique taste and everyone can be a gourmet. Therefore everyone can be an OpenRice member. And it is completely FREE!
Submit Review
How do I write a restaurant review on OpenRice? What do I need to know?
To share a dining experience on OpenRice, you may write about your view and comments about food, service or restaurant environment. You could focus more on the practical information which most users/ customers will experience. OpenRice suggests members to write more, also to read more reviews from other members so you will understand what you expect to see. Adding photos will help explain your opinion and it makes the review less boring too!
How do I submit review?
Firstly, search the restaurant page by one of following ways:

  1. Use the search tool bar on the page top, enter the restaurant name or address
  2. Go to restaurant page in search result page
  3. Click 'Write a Review'
Why can't I see my review? Why is my review removed?
OpenRice has the same rules for all restaurant reviews. To ensure reliability and trustworthiness, all reviews will be read by our editors before they go public. You will receive an email with reason if your review has been rejected. OpenRice does not normally remove reviews that have already been published. Users can report a review that is believed to be inappropriate or offensive. OpenRice will investigate and decide if it should be removed. OpenRice will remove a review include but not limited to the following:

  1. The review is written by restaurant owner or staff
  2. The review submission is benefit- driven
  3. Duplicate reviews or reviews with similar content is repeatedly submitted or with different OpenRice account
  4. The review is submitted by the same person more than one time under same visit.
  5. The review content is insulting or provocative
  6. The review content contains profanity or personal attacks
  7. The review is false or misleading
  8. The review or part of the review content is not original or is copied and submitted without permission from copyright holder
  9. The review contains commercial promotional text, picture or link
  10. The review contains self-promotional text, picture or link
  11. The review contains abusive or valgar language
  12. The review is not based on personal experience
  13. The review has insufficient information on how food taste and look
  14. The review contains relatively serious complain or other legal matters but without proper proof of evidence
  15. The review is responding to a particular review/ comment
  16. The review contains photos only and lacks content
  17. The review contains restaurant information
  18. The review contains external photo links
  19. The review content contradicts with rating
  20. The review content contains private and confidential material that needs to be removed
Why was my smiley face/ OK/ sad face removed?
Reviews resulted in smiley face/ OK/ sad face removal and categoried as 'non-review' mainly due to its emphasis on restaurant itself and insufficient content on food.
Other reasons to fall into the 'non-review' category include:

  1. Content is based on individual incident
  2. Content is not food-oriented
Can I still submit a review if it was a tasting event?
There are many restaurant tasting events for public and OpenRice understands that our members might be one of the guests. And your reviews are much appreciated. But to remain impartial and fair, OpenRice suggests you to indicate it is a 'tasting event'.
Why was my negative review returned? Why do I need to confirm if my review content is true?
You will need to confirm and verify your content if there was any sort of complain of legal matter, whether it is a positive or negative review. OpenrRice hopes you understand, this is not to cover any criticism nor does it have anything to do with benefit or advantage. But members need to be legal liable for the reviews that they submit. If you received an email from us, simply confirm and verify all the content is true and is your personal experience, and it does not violate any of our guideline. We will certainly put up the review.
Do I have to specify if any special offers or vouchers has been used?
The more details you put in your review, the greater it is worth reading. The use of special offers and vouchers may affect the dining experience. To let our member have a better understanding, we suggest you select 'special offer' option at the end of your review.
Can I comment on other members' reviews?
Comment – you can comment on reviews and express your opinions, simply click 'Leave a comment' at the bottom of the review
# To stay being a healthy online community, OpenRice reserves the rights to remove any inappropriate comments. Recommend – you may show if you like or agree with a review, but each member can only vote once for each review.
How do I report or complain about an inappropriate review?
If you would like to report or complain a review that you believe should be removed because of inappropriate content, click 'Report'. We will review further and decide whether it needs to be removed or returned to the member. To report a review, you will first need to login, click 'Report' at the bottom of the review, state why you think it is inappropriate with supporting details (if any). The whole procedure will be done anonymously.
My OpenRice
What is 'My OpenRice Page'?
All OpenRice members will get a personalised page of their own (My OpenRice) and it is completely free. All your restaurant reviews, photos, comments, 'My favourite Restaurant' lists can be found on your page. You can also check your review status, number of review and photo submitted and how popular your page is. Your dining journal will be displayed in the form of calendar or map. 'My OpenRice Page' will help your friends or other OpenRice members get to know you better and exchange information.
How do I change my account password?
Go to 'My OpenRice' after login, and check 'Change my password' on the left.
What do I do if I forgot my password?
Click 'Forgot Your Password' below the Login button. Then entre your email address or user name, we will send you an email for further instructions to reset your password.
How do I change my email address or email subscription preference?
Go to 'My OpenRice', on the left, click 'Edit Profile'. Choose 'Personal Information' on the left where you can change your email address and subscriptions preference. You will receive a verifying email after changing your email address, and then activate your new account.
How do I change my profile picture or personal avatar?
You can put up a profile picture or a personal avatar on 'My OpenRice Page'.

Profile Picture - On review, review comment, photo album etc
To change your picture, click 'Edit Profile' , choose 'Personal Avatar' on the left, then you can choose to either use your Facebook profile picture or upload your own picture. Then press confirm. Your display picture will appear on your MyOpenRice Page. To change your display picture, click 'Edit Profile' and choose 'Update Display Picture'.

Personal Avatar - Shown on My OpenRice page picture
To change your picture, click 'Edit Profile' , choose 'Personal Avatar' on the left, then you can choose to either use your Facebook profile picture or upload your own picture. Then press confirm. Your display picture will appear on your MyOpenRice Page. To change your display picture, click 'Edit Profile' and choose 'Update Display Picture'.
How do I submit photos of restaurant environments or food?
Go to the restaurant page and select 'Add Photo', follow the instruction to upload the photo and it will be posted after review.
How do I bookmark restaurant listings for my future reference?
You can always save and bookmark your favourite restaurants for you reference. Simply click 'Add to Favourite(s)' on a restaurant listing page (you will need to log in first).
To check the list of your favourite restaurant, simply log in then click 'Favourite Restaurant(s)' on top right hand corner and you will see the 20 most recent restaurants you added to the list.
Alternatively, go to 'MyOpenRice' and click 'Favourite Restaurant(s) on the left (n), there you will see a more detailed list. For a clearer view and easier management, you may add restaurants to different groups too!
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