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Level3 2016-12-28
This is one of the cafe that I highly suggest you to visit, particularly on a traditional style of coffee. Its velvety micro-foamed and sweet milk drink at the right temperature is what to dream about.I heard about Khun Big, the owner of Bubble Café, for quite some time and believe his work experience in the independent coffee industry in the US will give him a head start for good coffee in this part of the world. Finally, I have a chance to visit his café for the first time on this trip.  To my knowledge, Bubble Café has two branches, the one I visited is what I consider its headquarter and the other is at Chatuchak Weekend Market.  The menu at Bubble is simple and familiar coffee drinkers don’t have to decipher the overly simplified menu that seems to be in fashion these days to get the drink they want. There’s no long list of “brekkie” to confuse you whether you are here for coffee or something else. There is no need to down all the brunch and eggy dishes as a prelude which could make you feel overly stuffed and spoil your taste bud before you can get to coffee.  The coffee setting is simple but the coffee here is not.  My experience with La Marzocco Linea espresso machine, also used here at Bubble, usually ended up with delicious cups of coffee so naturally I’m a fan of this classic machine.  Not only my Cappuccino boasts a heavenly texture of velvety and micro-foamed milk drink, the drink also serves at the right temperature, warm enough to just sweeten up the milk and not too hot so that you can still taste those milk sweetness without scalding your mouth.  The latte art is reasonable and not over the top like lots of milk drinks these days that sacrifice the texture and sweetness in the milk for the look/art. Kudo to its barista on this milk drink and this is the kind of milk drink that I dream about and I can recommend milk drinks highly at Bubble. Nevertheless, this Cappuccino has some off taste tone at the very far back though you need to really look for it to get it.  Luckily, that aftertaste tone is not what you think.  This drink is devoid of what I call ‘dirty back’ which is ubiquitous among regional roasters i.e. the dark bitter chocolate aftertaste that lasts/dirt your mouth hours on end no matter how much you try to wash away this obnoxious taste with water and you need to take another dent in your wallet paying for another strong drink like cola or soda to rinse this stubborn taste off your mouth which may or may not work.  For Bubble, this off-taste actually comes from Robusta used in the coffee due to cost issue. To me, it’s sad that roasters that is knowledgeable on the taste of coffee need to succumb to adding lower quality bean in his blend for commercial/business reason. Still, considering a Robusta in the blend, the skill of the roaster and the brewer shine brightly here with the coffee that is very clean and hardly noticeable of the objectionable taste of Robusta, if you don’t really look for it. The espresso comes out quite tight which seems to be in fashion in Bangkok for this trip and I can’t complain enough for the overall tightness of Bangkok coffee during this trip, as if it were a good thing in coffee!  Nevertheless, this cup is not those overly tight sink worthy kinda drink I had quite a few this trip. The espresso is quite drinkable as it still delivers a nice sweetness and big on body.  In addition to Robusta, the body is, somehow, my usual experience with Linea Classic. The barista on that day, not Khun Big, told me that she decided to pull the coffee as ristretto to minimize the undesirable quality of Robusta in the blend. Both cups of coffee do not lie; it shows how capable the barista is in understanding its coffee and how good the training and the management of this coffee shop are, IMHO.  To say the least, this is not easy to find in Bangkok during this coffee trip so this barista is a gem to Bubble.In all, Bubble delivers a great cup of traditional coffee. The roaster understands the coffee well and, despite obligatory Robusta in the blend due to cost issue, manages to deliver an enjoyable cup of coffee to its customers. The personnel is well trained and capable, as witnessed in cups of coffee I have there. The cup of coffee doesn’t lie!  What need to be done here is to bring this kind of quality to the next level with better green bean quality. With capable barista and roaster who understand what good coffee should be, I wish Bubble increased its focus on its third wave coffee offering. While I understand that the market for a seriously good coffee in Thailand remains rather small vs. the traditional coffee, it is a growing segment that moves in leaps and bounds over the year and likely to do so in the future on the back of news flow and people traveling all over the places that witness such phenomenon.  Still, if you ask me for good coffee in Bangkok, I can wholeheartedly recommend Bubble, particularly for traditional style of coffee. While I only have a chance to try the coffee at its headquarter, those good cups of coffee make me believe that Khun Big will likely maintain the same quality at its Chatuchak Weekend Market branch too. continue reading
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